Extended Warranties

Air Orlando Maintenance is pleased to announce that we now have the following extended warranty plans available for your aircraft:

Lycoming is now offering an Extended Warranty program for Lycoming-powered Cessna aircraft. The extended warranty program is available for 2007 and newer Cessna 172, 182 and 206 aircraft. It is available as a one-, two- or three year extension to the the manufacturer's original two-year warranty.

The Extended Warranty program will provide coverage identical to the original Lycoming engine warranty for Lycoming engine components. Engine accessories such as fuel system components, magnetos, propeller governors, and other items will not be considered for extended coverage:
        *  Full Parts Replacement
        *  Full Labor (removal & installation) at the posted shop rate
        *  Accessories are excluded (i.e.: magnetos, starters, alternators)

Eligible aircraft include:

        *  Aircraft currently within the original two-year warranty
        *  All aircraft, regardless of mission or location. No exclusion for fleet or flight school aircraft, both domestic or international

The Lycoming Extended Warranty is available exclusively for Cessna aircraft and is only available through the Cessna Authorized Service Facility network. Please contact us for additional details and pricing.

GARMIN AVIONICS PROTECTION: Garmin's  warranty plan adds one to three years to the original manufacturer's warranty. Covers 100% parts and labor, Garmin components only. Leaseback and flight school aircraft are now included in the Extended Warranty Program, call us for details. 

AVGUARD:    AVguard offers complete protection of the aircraft engine, propeller and systems. Renewable one year at a time and available for leaseback aircraft. 

For more information, contact us at (407) 897-3819.